Provided by: licenseutils_0.0.9-3_amd64 bug


       lu-sh - a license utility shell


       lu-sh [OPTION...] [FILE]


       lu-sh  is a license utility shell used to add copyright and license notices to source code
       files and PNG files.  The commands that lu-sh recognizes are the same  commands  that  the
       licensing  program  provides.   lu-sh is an extended bash shell, with an alias for each of
       the licensing commands.

       The effect is that boilerplate foo.c in the lu-sh shell is equivalent to typing  licensing
       boilerplate foo.c in the system shell.

       The available commands are:

              notice: A simple script to write license notices to files.

              boilerplate: Show or remove the boilerplate text at the top of a file.

              help: Show some explanatory text for commands.

              warranty: Show a disclaimer on use of this program.

              welcome: Show the greeting.

              copyright: Add or modify copyright notices in the working boilerplate.

              cbb: Count boilerplate blocks in a file.

              comment: Create a comment block out of some arbitrary text.

              uncomment: Remove comment delimiters but leave the comment text.

              prepend: Put one file onto the start of another.

              choose: Pick license and comment style for the working boilerplate.

              top: Add or modify the top line of the working boilerplate.

              project: Add a project name to the current working boilerplate.

              preview: Show the current working boilerplate.

              apply: Prepend the current working boilerplate to a file.

              new-boilerplate: Clear the current working boilerplate.

              extra: Add or modify the pre-license text of the working boilerplate.

              png-boilerplate: Show or remove the comment in a png file.

              png-apply: Put the current working boilerplate into a PNG file.

       Some  of  the commands modify the current working boilerplate and some do not.  The prompt
       will change to reflect the currently selected commenting style, and the currently selected


       This example puts a copyright and a GNU GPL notice in foo.c:

              licensing> echo "foo" > foo.c
              licensing> choose gpl
              gplv3+> choose c
              /* gplv3+ */> copyright Yoyodyne Inc. 2005-2013 -a
              Copyright (C) 2005-2013 Yoyodyne Inc.
              /* gplv3+ */> apply foo.c
              apply: foo.c -> Boilerplate added.
              /* gplv3+ */>


       The options are the same as the bash shell.


       ~/.lu-shrc - bash initialization file.
       Various files are kept in ~/.licenseutils/.


       Report bugs to <>.


       The full documentation for lu-sh is maintained as a Texinfo manual.  If the info and lu-sh
       programs are properly installed at your site, the command

              info licenseutils

       should give you access to the complete manual.