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       ludevít - converter from standard Slovak into L. Stúr version


       ludevít [options][file]


       This manual page documents the ludevít command.

       ludevít converts text from standard Slovak into the verion designed by L. Stúr.


       -h     --help

              Show help and exit.

       -D     --nfkd

              Normalize the output text to NFKD unicode normalization

       -d     --nfkd-hack

              Normalize  the  letters  d and t with caron to NFKD unicode normalization, keep the
              rest in NFKC.

       -eENC  --encoding=ENC

              Use ENC as input/output encoding. While you can  use   any  encoding  supported  by
              python,  probably  only  one of utf-8, iso8859_2, cp1250, cp852 or mac_latin2 makes

       -oFILE --output-file=FILE

              Instead of standard output, write the translated text to the FILE


       ludevít acts as a filter, reading by default UTF-8 encoded text from  the  standard  input
       and  writing  UTF-8  encoded text to the standard output. Alternatively, if a file name is
       given as an argumet, ludevít will translate this file (in UTF-8 encoding).


       Due to technical restrictions, the program is actually installed under the name ludevit.


       Radovan Garabík <garabik @>

                                            2006-11-04                                 LUDEVIT(1)