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       m17n-conv - convert file code


       m17n-conv [ OPTION ... ] [ INFILE [ OUTFILE ] ]


       Convert encoding of given files from one to another.

       If INFILE is omitted, the input is taken from standard input. If OUTFILE is omitted, the
       output written to standard output.

       The following OPTIONs are available.

       · -f FROMCODE

       FROMCODE is the encoding of INFILE (defaults to UTF-8).

       · -t TOCODE

       TOCODE is the encoding of OUTFILE (defaults to UTF-8).

       · -k

       Do not stop conversion on error.

       · -s

       Suppress warnings.

       · -v

       Print progress information.

       · -l

       List available encodings.

       · --version

       Print version number.

       · -h, --help

       Print this message.


       Copyright (C) 2001 Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA)
       Copyright (C) 2001-2011 National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
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