Provided by: montage-gridtools_6.0+dfsg-6_amd64 bug


       mNotify - Notify user of job status or completion in a Grid environment


       mNotify jobID userID resultsURL


       Connect  to  a  remote  service  to  notify  user  of  job  status or completion in a Grid
       environment. The current implementation does notification via  email,  but  this  will  be
       replaced with more sophisticated notification in the future.


       This  module  have  been  used  extensively but have not been subject to the same rigorous
       testing to which the core modules have been subjected. We advise users to contact  Montage
       (  before  employing  them to verify limitations in their use and
       changes in the interfaces.


       2001-2014 California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California

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       research  made use of Montage. It is funded by the National Science Foundation under Grant
       Number ACI-1440620, and was previously  funded  by  the  National  Aeronautics  and  Space
       Administration's  Earth Science Technology Office, Computation Technologies Project, under
       Cooperative Agreement Number  NCC5-626  between  NASA  and  the  California  Institute  of

       The  Montage  distribution  includes an adaptation of the MOPEX algorithm developed at the
       Spitzer Science Center.