Provided by: montage_6.0+dfsg-6_amd64 bug


       mProjectQL - Undocumented module of the "Montage" package




       This module of the Montage package is currently undocumented. If you have an idea, what is
       this about, please create a bug report for this Debian package.


       2016 California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California

       If your research  uses  Montage,  please  include  the  following  acknowledgement:  "This
       research  made use of Montage. It is funded by the National Science Foundation under Grant
       Number ACI-1440620, and was previously  funded  by  the  National  Aeronautics  and  Space
       Administration's  Earth Science Technology Office, Computation Technologies Project, under
       Cooperative Agreement Number  NCC5-626  between  NASA  and  the  California  Institute  of

       The  Montage  distribution  includes an adaptation of the MOPEX algorithm developed at the
       Spitzer Science Center.