Provided by: python3-mbed-host-tests_1.4.4-1_all bug


       mbedhtrun - flash, reset and perform host-supervised tests on Mbed platforms


       mbedhtrun --image-path FLASH_FILE --micro MICRO
                     --port PORT --disk TARGET_PATH
                    [--target-id TARGET_ID] [--sync SYNC]
                    [--sync-timeout TIMEOUT] [--copy METHOD]
                    [--retry-copy ATTEMPTS] [--tag-filters FILTERS]
                    [--reset] [--program_cycle_s** TIMEOUT]
                    [--reset-timeout TIMEOUT] [--process-start-timeout TIMEOUT]
                    [--polling-timeout TIMEOUT]
                    [--enum-host-tests DIR] [--test-cfg FILE]
                    [--run] [--skip-flashing] [**--skip-reset]
                    [--send-break] [--baud-rate** BAUD_RATE]
                    [--serial-output-file FILE] [--compare-log FILE]

       mbedhtrun –-list

       mbedhtrun –-plugins

       mbedhtrun –-version

       mbedhtrun –-help


       mbedhtrun  supports  flashing,  resetting  and  testing  of  Mbed Enabled devices from the
       command line.

       Whilst test automation tools such as mbed-test-wrapper can provide automated flashing  and
       testing  of  Mbed  devices, mbedhtrun provides a simple and convenient CLI to flash, reset
       and test devices directly.


       -m, --micro MICRO
              target microcontroller name

       -p, --port PORT
              serial port of the target

       -d, --disk TARGET_PATH
              target disk (mount point) path

       -t, --target-id TARGET_ID
              unique Target ID or Mbed platform

       --sync SYNC
              how many times __sync packet  will  be  sent  to  device  (0:  none;  -1:  forever;
              1,2,3...: number of times; default: 2)

       --sync-timeout TIMEOUT
              delay in seconds between __sync packet (default: 5)

       -f, --image-path FLASH_FILE
              path with target's binary image

       -c, --copy METHOD
              copy (flash the target) method selector

       --retry-copy ATTEMPTS
              number of attempts to flash the target (default: 3)

       --tag-filters FILTERS
              comma-separated  list  of  device  tags  used  when  allocating a target to specify
              required hardware or attributes [–tag-filters tag1,tag2]

       -r, --reset
              force different type of reset

       -C, --program_cycle_s TIMEOUT
              duration for program to sleep after copying binary onto target (default: 4)

       -R, --reset-timeout TIMEOUT
              when forcing a reset  (with  -r),  specify  a  post-reset  idle  delay  in  seconds
              (default: 1)

       --process-start-timeout TIMEOUT
              set maximum time (seconds) to wait for an internal process to start (default: 60)

       -e, --enum-host-tests DIR
              define directory with local host tests (default: ./test/host_tests)

       --test-cfg FILE
              specify test class data about host test configuration

       --run  runs binary image on target (workflow: flash, reset, output console)

              skips use of copy/flash plugin.  Note: target will not be reflashed

              skips use of reset plugin.  Note: target will not be reset

       -P, --polling-timeout TIMEOUT
              timeout  (seconds)  for readiness of mount point and serial port of local or remote
              device (default: 60)

       -b, --send-break
              send reset signal to board on specified port (-p PORT) and print serial output; can
              be combined with -r RESET_TYPE switch

       --baud-rate BAUD_RATE
              baud  rate  of  target;  overrides  values  from  mbed-ls,  disk/mount  point  (-d,
              --disk-path), and serial port -p :

       -v, --verbose
              enable verbose mode

       --serial-output-file FILE
              save target serial output to this file

       --compare-log FILE
              log file to compare with the serial output from target

       --list print registered host test and exit

              print registered plugins and exit

              print version and exit

       --help print usage details and exit


       To flash the file test.bin to the mounted path  /mnt/MBED  on  the  K64F  microcontroller,
       using the shell copy method with target serial port COM5, and sleeping for 5 seconds after
       flashing, run:

              $ mbedhtrun --disk /mnt/MBED --port COM5 --image-path "test.bin" -C 4 --copy shell --micro K64F


       Upstream bug tracker:


       Copyright (c) 2011-2018 ARM Limited


       This manual page is based on the mbed-host-tests documentation.  It was  created  by  Nick
       Morrott  <>  for  the Debian GNU/Linux system, but may be used by


       yotta(1), mbed-test-wrapper(1), **mbedflsh(1)