Provided by: pymca_5.4.3+dfsg-1_all bug


       mca2edf - Convert SPEC file format files to EDF format


       mca2edf [OPTIONS] [FILES]


       X-ray  maps  were stored at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility as a set of images
       in ESRF Data Format (EDF). The image rows being  associated  to  points  of  a  horizontal
       sample scan and the image columns to the spectrum channels.

       This  tool  allows one to convert a set of files wrapped by the PyMca Toolkit as SPEC file
       format, and  therefore  without  sample  position  information,  to  European  Synchrotron
       Radiation Facility data format (EDF).

       Its  usefulness  is  nowdays  somehow  limited because recent PyMca developements allow to
       reshape nspectra x nchannels datasets in the tools making use  of  the  shape  information
       (pymcaroitool, pymcapostbatch).


           Open a dialog to select input files, output directory and the
           number of spectra on each horizontal row.

       mca2edf --outdir=/tmp --mcastep=2 *.mca
           Convert all the .mca files in current directory to a set of EDF
           files containing two spectra. The output is placed in /tmp

       mca2edf --outdir=/tmp --mcastep=2 --listfile=input_file
           Same as before but applied to all the files listed in input_file.
           Each line of input_file must contain a valid file name.


       pymcaroitool, pymcapostbatch