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       MComix - GTK Comic Book Viewer


       mcomix [OPTION...] [PATH...]


       MComix  is  a  user-friendly,  customizable  image  viewer. It is specifically designed to
       handle comic books (both Western comics and manga) and supports  a  variety  of  container
       formats (including CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, LHA and PDF).


       -h, --help
              Display the help text and exit.

       -s, --slideshow
              Start the application in slideshow mode.

       -l, --library
              Show the library on startup.

       -v, --version
              Show the version number and exit.

       Viewing modes

       -f, --fullscreen
              Start the application in fullscreen mode.

       -m, --manga
              Start the application in manga mode.

       -d, --double-page
              Start the application in double page mode.

       Zoom modes

       -b, --zoom-best
              Start the application with zoom set to best fit mode.

       -w, --zoom-width
              Start the application with zoom set to fit width.

       -h, --zoom-height
              Start the application with zoom set to fit height.

       The  zoom  modes are mutually exclusive, and if more than one is specified, the first will
       be used.


       PATH   The path to one or more files or directories to be opened.


       Python 2.5 or later (3.0 and later is not supported).

       PyGTK 2.14 or later.

       PIL (Python Imaging Library) 1.1.5 or later. Alternatively, Pillow (a fork of PIL) can  be

       Distribute or Setuptools.  Distribute supersedes Setuptools on most distributions.

       unrar, rar or libunrar to extract RAR archives.

       p7zip  to  extract  7Z  archives. Note that p7zip might be able to extract RAR archives as
       well, but this might require additional software (for example,  p7zip-rar  on  Debian-like
       systems), and it might fail to open certain RAR archives, especially newer ones.

       lha to extract LHA archives.

       mupdf for PDF support.

       pysqlite (if not already built into Python).


       Please report any bugs to the MComix bug tracker at


       The MComix home page is

                                           January 2016                                 MComix(1)