Provided by: mediathekview_13.2.1-3_all bug


       MediathekView - A media center video browser


       mediathekview [PATH TO CONFIGURATION] [OPTION...]


       This  application searches for various media center video content of the German television
       program (ARD, ZDF, Arte, 3Sat, MDR, ORF, SRF and many more).
       You can watch, download and even subscribe to an offered show.


              automatically load the list of  films,  manage  all  subscriptions  and  close  the
              application. This also works on computers without GUI (without X).

              like  -auto  but film descriptions will be omitted. This reduces memory consumption
              and improves the responsiveness of the application. This is especially  useful  for
              older hardware.

              enable or disable a proxy server

              specify a host address to connect to a proxy server

              specify a port number to connect to a proxy server

              to  use  a  different appearance (look and feel) of the graphical user interface if
              there isn't any option in the preferences specified by the user.
              An example may be: for  the  GTK-system-

              maximize window at startup

       All  options  that  start  with a -D are general Java options. You can use them with every
       java application.


        mediathekview ~/television -auto
              instead of using the default configuration in ~/.mediathek3, MediathekView accesses
              a  custom configuration in ~/television and the application is started without GUI.
              All subscriptions are managed and finally the application quits itself.


       flvstreamer (1), java (1), mpv (1), vlc (1)