Provided by: mercurial-buildpackage_0.10.1+nmu1_amd64 bug


       mercurial-importorig  -  Import  upstream source code tarballs into .deb package Mercurial


       mercurial-importorig [option] ... tarball [tarball] ...


       Import upstream source tarballs into a Mercurial repository.  The first  tarball  must  be
       the  main  tarball,  see  dpkg-source(1).   The upstream sources are incorporated into the
       upstream branch, and merged into the default branch.  It is  possible  to  use  mercurial-
       importorig  multiple  times  to import several versions, but the versions must be imported
       sequentially starting with the earliest version.

       For dpkg-source(1) format 3.0 (quilt), all patches are removed before the import, and  you
       must  manually reapply and refresh the patches.  Finally you must commit the fully patched
       source, including the .pc directory.


       --version, -V

              Output version and exit.

       --verbose, -v

              Increase verbosity level.  Can be used several times.

       --no-merge, -n

              Do not merge imported upstream source into the default branch.  A manual  hg  merge
              upstream  will  then  have  to  be  done at a later stage.  Remember to unapply all
              patches before the merge.


       mercurial-importorig ../mypack_1.2.orig.tar.bz2 ../mypack_1.2.orig-plugin.tar.gz

              Import upstream source from  two  tarballs  into  the  repository  in  the  current
              directory,  which  requires  the  package  to  be in dpkg source package format 3.0
              (quilt), see dpkg-source(1).  After the  import,  both  the  upstream  and  default
              branch will have the tag mypack_1.2.


       Jens Peter Secher <>


       The ideas for this package originates from John Goerzen's hg-buildpackage.


       mercurial-importdsc(1),   mercurial-buildpackage(1),  mercurial-tagversion(1),  mercurial-
       pristinetar(1), mercurial-port(1).