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       meson - a high productivity build system


       Meson  is  a build system designed to optimize programmer productivity. It aims to do this
       by providing simple, out-of-the-box support for  modern  software  development  tools  and
       practices, such as unit tests, coverage reports, Valgrind, CCache and the like.

       The main Meson executable provides many subcommands to access all the functionality.

The setup command

       Using  Meson  is  simple  and  follows the common two-phase process of most build systems.
       First you run Meson to configure your build:

       meson setup [ options ] [ source directory ] [ build directory ]

       Note that the build directory must be different from the source directory. Meson does  not
       support building inside the source directory and attempting to do that leads to an error.

       After a successful configuration step you can build the source by running the actual build
       command in the build directory. The default backend  of  Meson  is  Ninja,  which  can  be
       invoked like this.

       ninja [ target ]

       You  only  need  to  run  the Meson command once: when you first configure your build dir.
       After that you just run the build command. Meson will autodetect changes  in  your  source
       tree and regenerates all files needed to build the project.

       The  setup command is the default operation. If no actual command is specified, Meson will
       assume you meant to do a setup. That means that you can set up a build  directory  without
       the setup command like this:

       meson [ options ] [ source directory ] [ build directory ]

              print version number

       --help print command line help

The configure command

       meson  configure  provides  a way to configure a Meson project from the command line.  Its
       usage is simple:

       meson configure [ build directory ] [ options to set ]

       If build directory is omitted, the current directory is used instead.

       If no parameters are set, meson configure will print the value of all build options to the

       To set values, use the -D command line argument like this.

       meson configure -Dopt1=value1 -Dopt2=value2

The introspect command

       Meson  introspect  is a command designed to make it simple to  integrate with other tools,
       such as IDEs. The output of this command is in JSON.

       meson introspect [ build directory ] [ option ]

       If build directory is omitted, the current directory is used instead.

              print all top level targets (executables, libraries, etc)

              print the source files of the given target

              print all files that make up the build system (, meson_options.txt etc)

              print all unit tests

       --help print command line help

The test command

       meson test is a helper tool for running test suites of projects using Meson.  The  default
       way of running tests is to invoke the default build command:

       ninja [ test ]

       meson test provides a richer set of tools for invoking tests.

              run tests as many times as specified

       --gdb  run tests under gdb

       --list list all available tests

              invoke all tests via the given wrapper (e.g. valgrind)

       -C     Change  into  the  given  directory  before  running  tests  (must be root of build

              run tests in this suite

              do not run tests in this suite

              do not split stderr and stdout in test logs

              run benchmarks instead of tests

              base of file name to use for writing test logs

              how many parallel processes to use to run tests

              do not redirect stdout and stderr

       -t     a multiplier to use for  test  timeout  values  (usually  something  like  100  for

              use the specified test setup

The wrap command

       Wraptool  is  a  helper  utility  to  manage  source  dependencies using the online wrapdb

       meson wrap < command > [ options ]

       You should run this command in the top level source directory of your project.

       list   list all available projects

       search search projects by name

              install a project with the given name

       update update the specified project to latest available version

       info   show available versions of the specified project

       status show installed and available versions of currently used subprojects


       0      Successful.

       1      Usage error, or an error parsing or executing

       2      Internal error.

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