Provided by: libmetabase-fact-perl_0.025-2_all bug


       metabase-profile - create a metabase profile


       version 0.025


         $ metabase-profile
         Enter full name: John Doe
         Enter email address:
         Enter password/secret: zqxjkh
         Writing profile to 'metabase_id.json'


       The metabase-profile program makes it easy to create a user profile for submitting facts
       and reports to a Metabase server.

       Valid options include:

             --email   ADDRESS   user email address eg ""
             --name    FULLNAME  full user name, eg "John Doe"
         -o, --output  FILENAME  output filename
             --secret  PASSWORD  password for authentication
         -h, --help              print man page

       If no output file name is given, the default name 'metabase_id.json' will be used.  If the
       output filename (or default) exists, the program will abort rather than overwrite the
       file.  The output file will be in JSON and contain the user profile and the user's shared

       Typically, when a Metabase server first receives a report from a new user profile, the
       shared secret is recorded and will be used to authenticate subsequent submissions.  The
       output should not be shared publicly or made group or world readable.

       Use the resulting file according to the instructions of your Metabase client program. You
       may wish to copy it across computers if you would like to be identified consistently when
       submitting reports from different locations.


       ·   David Golden <>

       ·   Ricardo Signes <>

       ·   H.Merijn Brand <>


       This software is Copyright (c) 2016 by David Golden.

       This is free software, licensed under:

         The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004