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       mgd77info - Extract information about MGD77 files


       mgd77info  NGDC-ids [  -C[m|e] ] [  -E[m|e] ] [ -Iignore ] [  -Mf[item]|r|e|h ] [  -L[v] ]
       [  -V[level] ]

       Note: No space is allowed between the option flag and the associated arguments.


       mgd77info reads <legid>.[mgd77|nc] files and produces a single record of information about
       each  cruise  specified.  The  information  includes  beginning and end times, total track
       distances in km, longitude and  latitude  range,  and  the  total  number  of  geophysical
       observations.   Optionally,  choose  instead  to  see  the original MGD77 header meta-data
       section or its individual members.

       If you need to know which tracks are crossing through a given region  and  what  kinds  of
       geophysical  observations are available, consider using the x2sys tools to set up a tracks
       index data base (see x2sys_init for more information).


              Can be one or more of five kinds of specifiers:

              1. 8-character NGDC IDs, e.g., 01010083, JA010010etc., etc.

              2. 2-character agency codes which will return all cruises from each agency.

              3. 4-character <agency><vessel> codes, which will return  all  cruises  from  those

              4. =list, where list is a table with NGDC IDs, one per line.

              5. If nothing is specified we return all cruises in the data base.

              (See  mgd77info -L for agency and vessel codes). If no file extension is given then
              we search for files with one of the four known extensions.  The search  order  (and
              the  extensions)  tried  is MGD77+ (".nc"), MGD77T (".m77t"), MGD77 (".mgd77" ) and
              plain text file (".dat").  Use -I to ignore one  or  more  of  these  file  types).
              Cruise  files  will  be looked for first in the current directory and second in all
              directories listed in $MGD77_HOME/mgd77_paths.txt [If $MGD77_HOME  is  not  set  it
              will default to $GMT_SHAREDIR/mgd77].


              List abbreviations for all columns present in the MGD77[+] files.  Append m or e to
              limit the display to the MGD77 standard or MGD77+ extended set only.

              Give a one-line summary for each cruise listed.

              List the meta-data (header) and (if present) the MGD77+ history  for  each  cruise.
              Append  f  for  a formatted display. This will list individual parameters and their
              values, one entry per output line, in a format that can be searched using  standard
              UNIX  text  tools.   Alternatively,  append the name of a particular parameter (you
              only need to give enough characters - starting  at  the  beginning  -  to  uniquely
              identify the item). Give - to display the list of all parameter names. You may also
              specify the number of a parameter. For the raw, punchcard-formatted MGD77  original
              header  block,  append  r  instead.  For  the  MGD77+ E77 status, append e instead.
              Finally, for the MGD77+ history, append h instead.

              Ignore certain data file formats from consideration. Append a|c|m|t to ignore MGD77
              ASCII,  MGD77+  netCDF,  MGD77T  ASCII  or  plain  tab-separated ASCII table files,
              respectively. The option may be repeated to ignore more than one  format.  [Default
              ignores none].

       -L[v]  No  cruise  information  is  listed.  Instead, we just display a list of the GEODAS
              institution 2-character codes and  their  names.   Optionally,  append  v  to  also
              display the vessels and their 4-character codes for each institution. The following
              is the list of institutions: (01) LAMONT (LDEO), (02) WOODS HOLE O.I.,  (03)  NOAA,
              (04)  US  ARMY,  (05) NEW ZEALAND, (06) US GEOL. SURVEY, (07) OREGON ST. UNIV, (08)
              U.HAWAII SOEST, (09) US NAVY, (10) UNIV OF TEXAS, (11)  RICE  UNIV.,  (12)  CANADA,
              (13)  UNIV OF CONN., (14) U.MIAMI (RSMAS), (15) SCRIPPS INST.OC, (16) CHINA, (17) U
              WESTERN  GEOPHY.,  (23)  TEXAS A&M UNIV., (24) AUSTRALIA, (25) MONACO, (29) RUSSIA,
              (30) SPAIN, (35) NIMA, (58) NETHERLANDS, (60)  MIN  MGMT  SVC,  (63)  ISRAEL,  (67)
              FRANCE,  (71)  SOUTH AFRICA, (75) US COAST GUARD, (76) BRAZIL, (77) INT. GRAV. BUR,
              (83) GERMANY, (84) ORSTOM NEW CAL, (86) CUBA, (87) ARGENTINA,  (88)  US  NSF,  (89)
              INDIA,  (90)  PORTUGAL,  (92)  FINLAND, (93) CHILE, (J1) HYDR DEPT JAPAN, (J2) GEOL
              SRVY JAPAN, (J4) UNIV TOKYO, (J5) KOBE UNIV, (J7) UNIV OF  RYUKYUS,  (J8)  J.O.D.C.

       -V[level] (more ...)
              Select verbosity level [c].

       -^ or just -
              Print a short message about the syntax of the command, then exits (NOTE: on Windows
              just use -).

       -+ or just +
              Print  an  extensive  usage  (help)  message,  including  the  explanation  of  any
              module-specific option (but not the GMT common options), then exits.

       -? or no arguments
              Print  a  complete  usage (help) message, including the explanation of all options,
              then exits.


       To get one-line summary information about the cruises 01010047.mgd77  and  01010008.mgd77,

              gmt mgd77info 01010047 01010008 -E > listing.lis

       To see the original raw MGD77 header meta-data for cruise 01010047.mgd77, run

              gmt mgd77info 01010047 -Mr

       To determine all the parameters related to Gravity during cruise 01010047.mgd77, run

              gmt mgd77info 01010047 -Mf | grep Gravity

       To determine the Magnetic sampling rate used during cruise 01010047.mgd77, run

              gmt mgd77info 01010047 -MfMagnetics_Sampling_Rate

       To see all the columns that the MGD77+ cruise contains, run

              gmt mgd77info 01010047 -C

       To  see  the  E77  status  of  all  MGD77+  cruises  collected by the University of Hawaii
       (institution 08), run

              gmt mgd77info 08 -Ia -Me


       mgd77list, mgd77manage, mgd77path, mgd77track, x2sys_init


       The     Marine     Geophysical     Data     Exchange     Format     -      MGD77,      see


       2019, P. Wessel, W. H. F. Smith, R. Scharroo, J. Luis, and F. Wobbe