Provided by: mhonarc_2.6.19-2_all bug


       mha-decode - Decode MIME messages


       mha-decode [options] mailfolder ...

       mha-decode [options] -single msg.822


       mha-decode is a utility program that is part of the MHonArc software package.  mha-decode
       provides basic MIME decoding for mail messages.

       If given mail folders as input, all messages within in the mail folders will be decoded.
       All message parts are written to files.  If a filename is specified for a message part,
       that filename will be used when writing the part to a file.  If no filename is specified
       in the message, a unique name will be used based upon the content-type of the message

       A single message can be decoded by using the "-single" option.


       mha-decode takes options available to mhonarc, but only those options affect parsing of
       mail folders are applicable: "-conlen", "-mhpattern", "-msgsep", "-noconlen", "-outdir",
       "-perlinc", "-rcfile", "-single", "-umask".

       Also, mha-decode supports the following additional options:

           Run in message digest mode.  When this option is specified, any embedded
           "message/rfc822" and "message/news" parts will be saved instead of recursively
           decoding any parts contained within.


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       organization, it is not suited for manpage format.  Consult your system administrator for
       where the documentation has been installed, or see "AVAILABILITY" on where you can access
       the documentation on the web.




       Earl Hood,

       MHonArc comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and MHonArc may be copied only under the terms
       of the GNU General Public License, which may be found in the MHonArc distribution.