Provided by: mia-tools_2.4.6-4ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       ('mia\-2dseries\-segdistance',) - Evaluate mean distance between segmentations.


       mia-2dseries-segdistance -i <in-file> [options]


       mia-2dseries-segdistance Get the mean distance of a segmentation boundary to the reference


              -i --in-file=(input, required); string
                     input segmentation set

              -r --reference=20
                     reference frame

              -k --skip=0
                     skip images at the beginning

   Help & Info
              -V --verbose=warning
                     verbosity of output, print messages of given level  and  higher  priorities.
                     Supported priorities starting at lowest level are:

                        info ‐ Low level messages
                        trace ‐ Function call trace
                        fail ‐ Report test failures
                        warning ‐ Warnings
                        error ‐ Report errors
                        debug ‐ Debug output
                        message ‐ Normal messages
                        fatal ‐ Report only fatal errors

                     print copyright information

              -h --help
                     print this help

              -? --usage
                     print a short help

                     print the version number and exit

                     Maxiumum number of threads to use for processing,This number should be lower
                     or equal to the number of logical  processor  cores  in  the  machine.  (-1:
                     automatic estimation).


       Evaluate  the  mean  absolute  border distanceof the segmentations of set segment.set with
       respect to the segmentation given in frame 20.

       mia-2dseries-segdistance  -i segment.set -r 20


       Gert Wollny


       This software is Copyright (c) 1999‐2015 Leipzig, Germany and  Madrid,  Spain.   It  comes
       with   ABSOLUTELY   NO  WARRANTY  and  you  may redistribute it under the terms of the GNU
       GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3 (or later). For more information run the program with the
       option '--copyright'.