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       mididings - MIDI router and processor


       mididings [options] "patch"

       mididings [options] -f filename


       mididings is a MIDI router and processor based on Python, supporting ALSA and JACK MIDI.

       Many features are provided:

       MIDI routing and filtering
              Filter  events depending on their event type, channel, note number, velocity, etc.,
              and freely route them between an arbitrary number of input and output ports.

       Modifying and converting MIDI events
              Transpose notes, apply velocity curves, change controller  values  and  ranges,  or
              convert  events  to any other MIDI event type. mididings also includes more complex
              functions like a diatonic harmonizer, floating split  points,  latched  notes,  and

       Seamless switching between patches
              Set  up  different  "scenes",  each  with  its own MIDI routing and processing, and
              switch between them at any time, even while  playing.  Switching  scenes  does  not
              affect notes already held, and does not result in dropouts or stuck notes!

       MIDI event monitoring, running external commands
              Print MIDI event data to the console to help debugging your patches and configuring
              your MIDI controllers. In addition to its MIDI output, mididings can  also  execute
              shell commands and send OSC or DBUS messages.


       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -b BACKEND
              name of backend to use

       -c CLIENT_NAME
              ALSA or JACK client name

       -i IN_PORTS
              number of input ports

       -o OUT_PORTS
              number of output ports

       -d START_DELAY
              delay (in seconds) before starting MIDI processing

       -f FILENAME
              filename of script to run




       mididings was written by Dominic Sacré <>.

       This  manual  page  was  written  by  Alessio Treglia <>, for the Debian
       project (and may be used by others).

                                          November 2010                              MIDIDINGS(1)