Provided by: midish_1.0.4-1.1build2_amd64 bug


     midish — MIDI sequencer and filter


     midish [-bhv]


     Midish is a MIDI sequencer/filter implemented as an interactive command-line interpreter
     (users wanting to use midish interactively may consider using the rmidish(1) utility).  Here
     are some of its features:

     ·   Multiple MIDI devices handling
     ·   Synchronisation to external MIDI devices
     ·   Filtering/routing (controller mapping, keyboard splitting, ...)
     ·   Track recording, editing, quatisation
     ·   Import and export of standard MIDI files
     ·   Tempo and time-signature changes, user configurable metronome
     ·   System exclusive messages handling

     The options are as follows:

     -b   Do not process $HOME/.midishrc or /etc/midishrc and stop on the first error on the
          standard input.  Useful for scripting

     -h   Print usage information.

     -v   Print additionnal info before each line of input, useful to front-ends and for

     Once midish started, the interpreter processes the $HOME/.midishrc file (or /etc/midishrc if
     the later dosn't exist) and starts prompting for commands.  For further information about
     the syntax of midish refer to the “Midish user's manual”.


     $HOME/.midishrc  startup script
     /etc/midishrc    startup script (if $HOME/.midishrc doesn't exist)
     /dev/rmidiN      midi(4) devices used by midish


     rmidish(1), smfplay(1), midiplay(1), midi(4)
     User's manual and tutorial