Provided by: minc-tools_2.3.00+dfsg-3build1_amd64 bug


       mincwindow - limit voxel values to a given range


       mincwindow [options] in.mnc out.mnc min max [newvalue]


       mincwindow  copies  in.mnc  to  out.mnc.   Each  voxel  value  that lies within the window
       [min,max] is copied unmodified.  If the voxel value is outside that window and newvalue is
       specified, then that voxel is set to newvalue. Otherwise, the voxel value is set to min if
       it is less than min, and to max if it is higher than max.


       -2     Create MINC 2.0 format output files.

              Overwrite an existing file.

              Don't overwrite an existing file (default).

              Print out log messages (default).

       -quiet Do not print log messages.

       -help  Print summary of command-line options and exit.

              Print the program's version number and exit.


       mincmath(1), minccalc(1)

                                   $Date: 2004-05-20 21:52:09 $                     MINCWINDOW(1)