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       mineXpert            —             Open mass spectrometric data files of a wide variety of
       formats and mine data graphically


       minexpert [options]  [filename ...]


       This manual page documents briefly the mineXpert software shipped within the  msXpertSuite
       software suite.

       This  program  can be used to load mass spectrometry data files and show the spectral data
       in a plot widget for further analysis according to a variety  of  available  integrations.
       While  this  program  can  operate  integrally  in  a  graphical  mode,  it is also widely
       scriptable using JavaScript as a scripting language. A typical data mining  session  would
       involve the following steps/actions:

          ·  Open  a mass spectrometry file and immediately compute a TIC chromatogram, show that
             chromatogram in a dedicated window. If the  data  are  from  an  ion  mobility  mass
             spectrometry  experiment,  compute  a mz = f(dt) color map. The TIC chromatogram and
             the color map are then the starting points for the mining of the data.

          ·  Perform a wide variety of integrations to a mass spectrum or a drift spectrum.  Each
             new  spectrum is displayed in its dedicated window (the TIC chromatogram window, the
             Color map window, the Mass spectrum window and the Drift spectrum window).  Each new
             plot  (be it a TIC chromatogram, a mass spectrum or a drift spectrum) is potentially
             the start of another integration such that the  analysis  can  drill  at  each  step
             further in the depth of the data.

          ·  Perform  isotopic  cluster  calculations  and shape the obtained mass peak centroids
             into   fully   shaped   mass   peaks   (Gaussian    or    Lorentizan    mathematical

          ·  Each plot has specific functions associated to it: export as a (x,y) file, automatic
             recording of the relevant data of signalled peaks into a file using a specific easy-
             to-understand grammar, slicing of the data file into smaller data files.

          ·  One  feature  of  importance is the fact that a large part of the functionalities of
             the program  are  scriptable  (JavaScript)  and  a  powerful  scripting  console  is
             available   to  elaborate  scripts  before  storing  them  in  script  files  to  be
             automatically executed.


       -h | --help
                 Displays detailed usage information and exits.

       -c | --config
                 Display program configuration at build time and the Qt version used to build it.

       -V | --Version
                 Print the version of the software program along  the  with  version  of  the  Qt
                 libraries used to build it.

       -l | --license
                 Print the license of this software.

       -s | --streamed
                 When  opening  one or more files in the gui, do that in streamed mode, otherwise
                 in full.

       -j | --scriptFile <filename>
                 Start the program and immediately run the JavaScript script.

       filename ...
                 One or more names of files to be opened.

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See also

       massxpert (1)

Useful reading

       The program is documented fully  in  the  mineXpert  User  Manual,  that  is  packaged  in
       msxpertsuite-doc.   That  manual  is  available  in  the  form  of  a  PDF-formatted  file


       Filippo Rusconi <>

       This manual page was written by Filippo Rusconi <> (initial  writing  03
       july  2017).   Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under
       the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 3, published  by  the  Free  Software

       On  a  Debian  system the complete text of the GNU General Public License version 3 can be
       found in the file /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-3.

                                                                          mineXpert           (1)