Provided by: minissdpd_1.5.20190210-1_amd64 bug


       minissdpd - daemon keeping track of UPnP devices up


       minissdpd  [-d]  [-6]  [-s  socket]  [-p  pidfile] [-t TTL] [-f device] -i <interface> [-i
       <interface2>] ...


       minissdpd listen for SSDP traffic and keeps track of what are the UPnP devices up  on  the
       network.   The  list  of  the  UPnP  devices  is accessed by programs looking for devices,
       skipping the UPnP discovery process.


       -d     debug : do not go to background, output messages to console and do not  filter  out
              low priority messages.

       -6     IPv6 : Enable IPv6 in addition to IPv4.

       -s socket
              path  of  the  unix socket open for communicating with other processes.  By default
              /var/run/minissdpd.sock is used.

       -p pidfile
              path   of   the   file   where   pid   is   written   at   startup.    By   default
              /var/run/ is used.

       -t TTL TTL of the package.  By default 2 is used according to UDA.

       -f device
              search/filter a specific device type.

       -i interface
              name  or  IP address of the interface used to listen to SSDP packets coming on port
              1900, multicast address


       miniupnpd(1) miniupnpc(3)


       No known bugs.