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       mlgui - the client of the MLDonkey server.


       mlgui [[options]] [[-help] | [--help]]


       This manual page documents briefly the mlgui command.

       This manual page was written for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution because the original
       program does not have a manual page.

       This client can connect to remote ( or local ) server. You can specify which server you
       want with -hostname and -port. There are three different layout possible : text, icon org
       both. You will be able to use this gui to command you MLDonkey server.


       -gtk_advanced_options <string>
           Set to true whether you want to access to the advanced options (current: false)

       -gtk_connection_http_proxy_server <string>
           Direct HTTP queries to HTTP proxy (current: )

       -gtk_connection_http_proxy_port <string>
           Port of HTTP proxy (current: 8080)

       -gtk_connection_http_use_proxy <string>
           Direct TCP connections to HTTP proxy (the proxy should support CONNECT) (current:

       -gtk_client_login <string>
           Your login name (default is admin) (current: admin)

       -gtk_client_password <string>
           The password to use when connecting to the server (current: )

       -gtk_client_port <string>
           The server port to connect to (current: 4001)

       -gtk_client_hostname <string>
           The server hostname to connect to (current: localhost)

       -gtk_client_lang <string>
           The language you want to use in MLgui (current: English)

       -gtk_look_use_size_suffixes <string>
           Whether sizes are printed using G(iga), M(ega) and k(ilo) suffixes. (current: true)

       -gtk_look_use_icons <string>
           Whether icons are displayed in MLgui (current: true)

       -gtk_look_graphical_availability <string>
           What is displayed in availability column : graphical or text (current: true)

       -gtk_look_icons_directory <string>
           The directory where mldonkey gui's icons are (current: )

       -gtk_look_main_toolbar_icon_size <string>
           The size of the icons in the main toolbar (current: 32)

       -gtk_look_toolbars_icon_size <string>
           The size of the icons in the other toolbars (current: 22)

       -gtk_look_lists_icon_size <string>
           The size of the icons in the lists (current: 16)

       -gtk_look_icon_saturation <string>
           The level of saturation when diplaying icons (current: 1.)

       -gtk_look_toolbars_style <string>
           What is displayed in toolbar buttons : text, icon or both (current: both)

       -gtk_color_default <string>
           Set the default color in MLgui (current: Black)

       -gtk_color_state_not_available <string>
           Color for unavailable files (current: Red)

       -gtk_color_state_files_listed <string>
           Color for users whose list of files has been retrieved (current: Blue)

       -gtk_font_list <string>
           Font for the list and trees texts (current: sans 12)

       -gtk_font_network <string>
           Font for the networks labels in the Networks Tab (current: sans 16)

       -gtk_graph_time_downloads <string>
           Set the time range for the downloads graph (current: quarter)

       -gtk_graph_time_uploads <string>
           Set the time range for the uploads graph (current: quarter)

       -gtk_graph_time_file <string>
           Set the time range to display the uploads and downloads of one file in the graph tab
           (current: quarter)

       -gtk_graph_font <string>
           Set the font to display texts in both the uploads and downloads graphs (current: sans

       -gtk_graph_background <string>
           Set the background color for both the uploads and downloads graphs (current: #000000)

       -gtk_graph_grid <string>
           Set the color of the grid for both the uploads and downloads graphs (current: #484848)

       -gtk_graph_download <string>
           Set the foreground color of the download rate (current: #83afff)

       -gtk_graph_upload <string>
           Set the foreground color of the upload rate (current: #6eec8b)

       -gtk_misc_relative_availability <string>
           Calculate % availability ignoring already present chunks (current: true)

       -gtk_misc_files_auto_expand_depth <string>
           The depth to which the directories of a friend are automatically expanded (current: 3)

       -gtk_misc_use_availability_height <string>
           Display the availability of a chunk as height or color coded bar (current: true)

       -gtk_misc_availability_max <string>
           If use_availability_height is true, which availability corresponds to a full bar ?
           (current: 10)

       -gtk_misc_compaction_overhead <string>
           The percentage of free memory before a compaction is triggered (current: 50)

       -gtk_misc_interface_buffer <string>
           The size of the buffer to the core (current: 10000000)

       -gtk_misc_copy_messages <string>
           For bundle binaries, should we directly pass structures between the core and the GUI
           (faster), or copy them (fewer bugs) (current: true)

       -gtk_verbose_gview <string>
           Debug module GuiTemplates.Gview (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_chat <string>
           Debug module GuiTemplates.Chat (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_tools <string>
           Debug module GuiTools (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_configwin <string>
           Debug module ConfigWindow (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_art <string>
           Debug module GuiArt (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_main <string>
           Debug module GuiMain (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_networks <string>
           Debug module GuiNetworks (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_servers <string>
           Debug module GuiServers (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_downloads <string>
           Debug module GuiDownloads (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_friends <string>
           Debug module GuiFriends (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_queries <string>
           Debug module GuiQueries (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_rooms <string>
           Debug module GuiRooms (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_uploads <string>
           Debug module GuiUploads (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_console <string>
           Debug module GuiConsole (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_graphbase <string>
           Debug module GuiGraphBase (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_graph <string>
           Debug module GuiGraph (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_im <string>
           Debug module GuiIm (current: false)

       -gtk_verbose_settings <string>
           Debug module GuiConfig (current: false)

           Display this list of options

           Display this list of options


       This manual page was originally written by Sylvain Le Gall <> for the
       Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). Permission is granted to copy,
       distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
       License, Version 2.1 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
       considering as source code all the file that enable the production of this manpage.


        mlnet (1)

        mlguistarter (1)


       Sylvain Le Gall <>

       Mehdi Dogguy <>


       Copyright © 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 Sylvain Le Gall
       Copyright © 2009 Mehdi Dogguy

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