Provided by: mlmmj_1.3.0-3_amd64 bug


       mlmmj-bounce - bounce handling utility for mlmmj


       mlmmj-bounce -L /path/to/list [-a | -d] [-n num | -p]

       -a: Address string that bounces

       -d: Parse the mail to extract the address via the DSN (RFC1891)

       -h: This help

       -L: Full path to list directory

       -n: Message number in the archive that bounced

       -p: Send out a probe

       -V: Print version


       mlmmj-bounce is used to handle mails that are bouncing. When a mail arrives to the system,
       mlmmj-bounce will register in <listdir>/bounce/<addrstring> info about which  number  that
       bounced at what time. An example of such a line could be:

       109:1094409801 # Sun Sep  5 20:43:21 2004

       The above shows that message number 109 bounced 1094409801 seconds after epoch which is in
       human date stamps is Sunday September 5th 20:43:21 2004.

       The    last    bounce    mail    received    to    the     address     is     saved     in

       When  the  -p  option is used it sends out a probe email including info that it's a bounce
       probe  and   a   list   of   the   bounced   message   numbers.   The   existance   of   a
       <listdir>/bounce/<addrstring>.probe file indicates that a probe have been sent out.


       This manual page was written by the following persons:

       Søren Boll Overgaard <> (based on html2man output)

       Mads Martin Jørgensen <>