Provided by: mmh_0.4-1_amd64 bug


       new - report on folders with new messages

       fnext - set current folder to next folder with new messages

       fprev - set current folder to previous folder with new messages

       unseen - scan new messages in all folders with new messages


       new [sequences] [-mode mode] [-folders foldersfile] [-Version] [-help]

       fnext is equivalent to new -mode fnext

       fprev is equivalent to new -mode fprev

       unseen is equivalent to new -mode unseen


       New  in  its default mode produces a one-line-per-folder listing of all folders containing
       messages in the listed sequences or in the sequences listed in the profile entry  `Unseen-
       Sequence'.   Each  line  contains  the  folder,  the  number  of  messages  in the desired
       sequences, and the message lists from the .mh_sequences file.  For example:

            foo     11.* 40-50
            bar    380.  760-772 824-828
             total    391.

       The `*' on foo indicates that it is the current folder.  The last  line  shows  the  total
       number of messages in the desired sequences.

       New  crawls  the  folder  hierarchy  recursively  to  find all folders, and prints them in
       lexicographic order.  Override this behavior by providing foldersfile containing the  pre-
       sorted list of folders new should check, one per line.

       In  fnext  and  fprev  modes, new instead changes to the next or previous matching folder,

       In unseen mode, new executes scan sequences for each matching folder.


       $HOME/.mmh/profile         The user profile


       Path:                To determine the user's mail storage
       Current-Folder:      To find the default current folder
       Unseen-Sequence:     The name of the unseen message sequence


       scan(1), mh-format(5)


       Based on Luke Mewburn's new (