Provided by: moap_0.2.7-2_all bug


       moap - Moap helps you maintain projects.


       moap [command] [options...]


       moap is a swiss army knife for project maintainers and developers.

       It  aims  to  help  in  keeping  you in the flow of maintaining, developing and releasing,
       automating whatever tasks can be automated.

       This includes:
        - updating and committing from ChangeLog files (much like
        - maintaining your checkout's ignore list
        - submitting releases to Freshmeat
        - sending out release mails (with support for templating)
        - creating iCal/RSS feeds for your releases
        (based on a doap file, and with support for templating), and more.


       - bug  Interact with bug tracker

       - changelog
              Act on ChangeLog file

       - code Do things to the code

       - doap Read and act on DOAP file

       - ignore
              Update VCS ignore list


       --h, --help
              Show help

       --v, --version
              Show version information


       Thomas Vander Stichele (thomas at apestaart dot org)

       Man page written to conform with Debian by Marc-Andre Lureau.