Provided by: scilab-full-bin_6.0.2-0ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       modelicat - translator for Xcos from Modelica 2.x to flat Modelica


       modelicat [-lib <filename>] [-o <filename>] [-fundir <dirname>] -command "command"


       -fundir <dirname>
              Directory containing the Modelica functions

       -lib <filename>
              Declare the file as containing a Modelica library of classes

       -o <filename>
              Specify target filename (default is `<instance name>.mo`)

       -command command
              Define the component to be created as a regular Modelica component declaration

       -xml   Generate an XML version of the model instead of flat Modelica code

              Generate   an   XML   version  of  the  initialization  problem  in  a  file  named


       Manpage written by Julien Puydt for Debian

                                          November 2017                              modelicat(1)