Provided by: morse-x_20060903-0ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       morse-x - morse practicing tool


       morse-x [options]


       In  morse-x  you can use any key on your keyboard as morse key (except q, which exits) and
       then it displays your morsed stuff as readable text on stdout. (You should execute morse-x
       in an X terminal.)


       Of  course,  morse-x  takes  some  options, some with arguments. See the following list. A
       preceding dash (-) is optional.

       c      Tries to find out your number of words  per  minute.  (In  fact,  it  is  like  the
              calibration  function  in former versions, except that it does not save the result,
              it just tells you your the number of your words per minute.)

       f frequency
              Set sound frequency.

       g      Show dits as red dots and daws as red lines in the main window.

       h      Print usage information, the same you can read here. Hopefully.

       m      Mute audio. No audio device will be opened.

       r samplerate
              Set audio sample rate.

       s      Show dits as dots and daws as dashes on stdout.

       t      Show used morse code table and exit. If you have suggestions on that table,  please
              let me know.

       v volume
              Set sound volume. This must be a value between 0 and 1.

       w wpm  Set words per minute. This must be an integer between 1 and 60.

       Note  that  older  versions (2004*) were written using Xlib instead of libSDL and thus had
       some other options and no audio output.  By the way, the .morse-x file of earlier versions
       is no longer needed. You may remove it.


       None so far. Please report some.


       Copyright © 2004, 2006 Stephan Beyer <>

       This  is  free  software.   You  may  redistribute copies of it under the terms of the GNU
       General Public License <>.  There is NO  WARRANTY,  to
       the extent permitted by law.