Provided by: mp3rename_0.6-10_amd64 bug


       Mp3rename - Rename mp3 files based on id3tags


       Mp3rename 0.6


       -f     Force non id3 rename.

       -v     Verbose mode.

       -h     Display this help message.

       -b     Limit the file size to 32 chars.

       -i     Only show the id3tags.

       -p     Pad the track number with a leading zero when less than 10.

       -a     Ask everything for the id3tag.

       -s     Set the default filename look.  for more help on this option: -s help

       Sander Janssen <>

              Use  this  option  to  set the default look of the file The information is saved in
              ~/.mp3rename You can use &t title, &b album, &y year, &k track and &a artist

              Example : mp3rename -s '(&a)-&t-&b' for (artist)-title-album.mp3