Provided by: mp4v2-utils_2.0.0~dfsg0-6_amd64 bug


       mp4track - manual page for mp4track - MP4v2 -r


       mp4track [OPTION]... [PARAMETERS]... ACTION file...


       For  each  mp4  file specified, perform the specified ACTION. An action must be specified.
       Some options are not applicable to some actions.


       --list list all tracks in mp4

       --enabled BOOL
              set trak.tkhd.flags (enabled bit)

       --inmovie BOOL
              set trak.tkhd.flags (inMovie bit)

       --inpreview BOOL
              set trak.tkhd.flags (inPreview bit)

       --layer NUM
              set trak.tkhd.layer

       --altgroup NUM
              set trak.tkhd.alternate_group

       --volume FLOAT
              set trak.tkhd.volume

       --width FLOAT
              set trak.tkhd.width

       --height FLOAT
              set trak.tkhd.height

       --language CODE
              set trak.mdia.mdhd.language

       --hdlrname STR

       --udtaname STR

              remove atom

              list all colr-boxes in mp4

              add colr-box to a video track

              set colr-box parms

              remove colr-box from track

              list all pasp-boxes in mp4

              add pasp-box to a video track

              set pasp-box parms

              remove pasp-box from track


              act on any/all tracks

       --track-index IDX
              act on track index IDX

       --track-id ID
              act on track id ID

       --colr-parms CSV
              where CSV is IDX1,IDX2,IDX3

              equivalent to --colr-parms=1,1,1

              equivalent to --colr-parms=6,1,6

       --pasp-parms CSV
              where CSV is hSPACING,vSPACING


       -z, --optimize
              optimize mp4 file after modification

       -y, --dryrun
              do not actually create or modify any files

       -k, --keepgoing
              continue batch processing even after errors

       -o, --overwrite
              overwrite existing files when creating

       -f, --force
              force overwrite even if file is read-only

       -q, --quiet
              equivalent to --verbose 0

       -d, --debug NUM
              increase debug or long-option to set NUM

       -v, --verbose NUM
              increase verbosity or long-option to set NUM

       -h, --help
              print brief help or long-option for extended help

              print version information and exit

       DEBUG LEVELS (for raw mp4 file I/O)

       0      supressed

       1      add warnings and errors (default)

       2      add table details

       3      add implicits

       4      everything


       0      warnings and errors

       1      normal informative messages (default)

       2      more informative messages

       3      everything