Provided by: mrs_6.0.5+dfsg-7build1_amd64 bug


       mrs - A tool to build and manipulate a MRS 6 server and its data files


       mrs command [options] [args]


       MRS  is  a  full  text  indexing  toolkit. It is used to index large, text based databanks
       containing biological or medical information.

       Run `mrs help` to access the built-in tool documentation.


       Before using MRS the first time, you should set the administrator  password  for  the  web
       application. You can do so by typing e.g.:

       mrs password mrs-dba

       This  will  prompt you for a password and store it in the mrs-config.xml file. You can use
       then use this username/password combination to log in to the admin pages.


              file containing all the configuration details.

              directory containing the MRS data files.

              directory containing a mirror of the raw data.

              directory containing the MRS parser script.

              directory containing HTML templates for the web server.

              directory containing log files for the web server.

              directory containing cached blast results.


       Maarten L. Hekkelman (m.hekkelman (at)