Provided by: msitools_0.98-1_amd64 bug


       msibuild - build Windows Installer packages


       msibuild <MSI file> [<option> [<option> ...]]


       msibuild  builds  Windows  Installer packages (.MSI files). Existing tables and streams in
       the package are overwritten. If the package doesn't exist, a new one is  created  with  an
       empty database.


       -s <name> [<author>] [<template>] [<UUID>]
              Set summary information.

       -q <query>
              Execute one or more SQL queries.

       -i <table>.idt
              Import the given table into the database.

       -a <stream> <file>
              Add <stream> to storage with the contents of <file>.


       msibuild was written by Marc-André Lureau for Red Hat, Inc. based on the MSI build tool in
       Wine.  This manual page was adapted from the program usage  information  by  Stephen  Kitt
       <>,  for  the  Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). It was
       last modified for msibuild version 0.93.