Provided by: mtasc_1.14-3build5_amd64 bug


       mtasc - ActionScript 2 to Flash (SWF) compiler


       This manual page documents briefly the mtasc command.

       It was written for Debian as mtasc does not have a manual page.

       mtasc compiles ActionScript 2 files to Flash (SWF) files.


       mtasc [options] <files...>


       The options are processed from left to right. All of the options use a single dash.

       -pack <path>
              Compile all files in target package.

       -cp <path>
              Add classpath.

       -v     Turn on verbose mode.

              Turn on strict mode.

       -infer Turn on local variables inference.

       -wimp  Turn on warnings for unused imports.

       -msvc  Use MSVC style errors.

       -mx    Use precompiled mx package.

       -swf <file>
              Input SWF file to update.

       -out <file>
              SWF output file.

       -keep  Do not remove AS2 classes from input SWF.

       -frame <frame>
              Export into target frame (it must exist in the SWF).

       -main  Enable the main entry point.

       -header <header>
              Specify  header  format. The format of this option is 'width:height:fps', where fps
              means frames per second.

       -group Group classes into a single clip

       -exclude <file>
              Exclude classes listed in a file.

              Change SWF version (6,7,8,...)

       -trace <function>
              Specify a TRACE function.

       -help or --help
              Display a list of options and what they do.


       The   mtasc    website    (    and    the    mtasc    osflash    page