Provided by: morse-simulator_1.4-5_amd64 bug


       multinode_server - Server program to synchronise several instances of MORSE


       multinode_server [synchronisation delay]


       Socket  server  program to synchronise several instances of MORSE (nodes) running the same
       simulation scenario.  This program must be started before launching the simulation in  the

       All the client nodes will connect with the server and send it the updated positions of the
       robots they manage. The multinode_server program will concentrate  the  positions  of  all
       robots into a single Python dictionary, and then send it back to all clients.

       It  also  permits  pausing the simulation, by typing in its terminal p and Enter. The same
       command will allow the simulation to continue.  This mechanism relies on the fact that the
       clients  will  remain  waiting  for  a  reply  from  the server before continuing with the


       [synchronisation delay]
              Optional parameter that defines the delay (in  seconds)  between  messages  to  the
              connected  clients.  A  larger  delay will slow down the simulation in all clients.
              Default value is 0.0


       morse(1) morseexec(1)


       Copyright (c) 2009-2010 ONERA Copyright (c) 2009-2016 LAAS-CNRS  Copyright  (c)  2015-2016
       ISAE-SUPAERO Copyright held by the MORSE authors or the institutions employing them, refer
       to the AUTHORS file for the list. The list  of  the  contributors  to  each  file  can  be
       obtained from the commit history ('git log <file>').