Provided by: mysql-workbench-data_6.3.10+dfsg-3ubuntu1_all bug


       mysql-workbench - MySQL Database Design, Administration and Development Tool


       mysql-workbench [<options>] [<name of a model file or sql script>]


              Force Xlib rendering

              Force OpenGL rendering

       --query [<connection>|<connection string>]
              Open  a  query  tab  and  ask  for  connection  if  nothing is specified.  If named
              connection is specified it will be opened, else connection will be created based on
              the given connection string, which should be in form <user>@<host>:<port>

       --admin <instance>
              Open a administration tab to the named instance

              Open a migration wizard tab

       --model <model file>
              Open the given EER model file

       --script <sql file>
              Open  the  given  SQL  file  in  an  connection,  best  in conjunction with a query

       --run-script <file>
              Execute Python code from a file

       --run <code>
              Execute the given Python code

       --run-python <code>
              Execute the given Python code

              Open the Migration Wizard tab

              Quit Workbench when the script is done

              Also log to stderr

       --help, -h
              Show command line options and exit

              Valid levels are: error, warning, info, debug1, debug2, debug3

       --verbose, -v
              Enable diagnostics output

              Show Workbench version number and exit

       --open <file>
              Open the given file at startup (deprecated, use script, model etc.)

MySQL Workbench CE (GPL) 6.2.3 12312  buildOctober 2014                                  MYSQL(1)