Provided by: nauty_2.6r10+ds-1_amd64 bug


       nauty-dretog - read graphs in dreadnaut format


       dretog [-n#o#sghq] [infile [outfile]]


              Read graphs in dreadnaut format.

       -o#    Label vertices starting at # (default 0).  This can be overridden in the input.

       -n#    Set  the  initial  graph  order  to  # (no default).  This can be overridden in the

       -g     Use graph6 format (default for undirected graphs).

       -z     Use digraph6 format (default for directed graphs).

       -s     Use sparse6 format.

       -h     Write a header (according to -g, -z or -s).

       -q     Suppress auxiliary output.

              Input consists of a sequence of dreadnaut commands restricted to:

       n=#    set number of vertices (no default) The = is optional.

       $=#    set label of first vertex (default 0) The = is optional.

       d      indicate graph will be directed

       $$     return origin to initial value (see -o#)

       ".." and !..\n
              comments to ignore

       g      specify graph to follow (as dreadnaut format) Can be omitted if first character  of
              graph is a digit or ';'.

       q      exit (optional)