Provided by: netsurf-gtk_3.6-3.2_amd64 bug


       netsurf - A small fast web browser


       netsurf [options] [url]


       This manual page documents briefly the netsurf browser.

       netsurf is a small fast web browser. This man page only describes how to run the browser.


       This  programs  follow  the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with
       two dashes (`-').

       The command line parameters override any options loaded from the users Choices file.

       A summary of options is included below.

       -v     Enable verbose logging.

              Bboolean indicating if the http proxy is being used.

              The http proxy host.

              The http proxy port.

              The authentication scheme for the http proxy.

              The authentication schemes user.

              The authentication schemes password.

              The default font size to use.

              The minimum font size to use.

              Family name of the sans serrif font.

              Family name of the serrif font.

              Family name of the monospace font.

              Family name of the cursive font.

              Family name of the fantasy font.

              Languages to accept.

              Character set to accept

              Maximum memory cache size.

              Maximum disc cache size.

              Boolean to enable ad blocking.

              Minimum time between gif frames

              Boolean controlling wether referer data should be sent

              Boolean controlling wether images should be animated.

              expire url

              Default font.

              ca bundle

              ca path

              cookie file

              cookie jar

              homepage url

              search url bar

              search provider

              url suggestion

              The X co-ordinate of the initial window.

              The Y co-ordinate of the initial window.

              The width of the initial window.

              The height of the initial window.

              window screen width

              window screen height

              toolbar status size

              Initial scale factor.

              Boolean controlling wether incremental reflow is performed.

              Minimum time between incremental reflows

              core select menu

              max fetchers

              max fetchers per host

              max cached fetch handles

              suppress curl debug

              target blank

              button 2 tab

              margin top

              margin bottom

              margin left

              margin right

              export scale

              suppress images

              remove backgrounds

              enable loosening

              enable PDF compression


              gui colour bg_1

              gui colour fg_1

              gui colour fg_2

              Override CSS sys_colour_ActiveBorder colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ActiveCaption colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_AppWorkspace colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_Background colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ButtonFace colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ButtonHighlight colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ButtonShadow colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ButtonText colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_CaptionText colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_GrayText colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_Highlight colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_HighlightText colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_InactiveBorder colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_InactiveCaption colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_InactiveCaptionText colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_InfoBackground colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_InfoText colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_Menu colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_MenuText colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_Scrollbar colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ThreeDDarkShadow colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ThreeDFace colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ThreeDHighlight colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ThreeDLightShadow colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_ThreeDShadow colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_Window colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_WindowFrame colour.

              Override CSS sys_colour_WindowText colour.

              render resample

              downloads clear

              request overwrite

              downloads directory

              url file

              Force tabs to always be show.

              button type

              disable popups

              disable plugins

              history age

              hover urls

              focus new

              new blank

              hotlist path

              source tab

              current theme


       netsurf was written by <upstream author>.

       This manual page was written by Vincent Sanders <>, for the Debian project
       (and may be used by others).

                                          April 19, 2011                               NETSURF(1)