Provided by: nicotine_1.2.16+dfsg-1.1_all bug


       nicotine-import-winconfig - import configuration from the Windows soulseek client


       nicotine-import-winconfig [OPTIONS] old-config-file


       This  manual  page  documents  briefly the nicotine-import-winconfig command.  This manual
       page was written for the Debian distribution because the original program does not have  a
       manual page.

       nicotine-import-winconfig  is  a  program  to  import  your  queue,  user  list,  password
       information, auto-joined  chatrooms,  banlist,  and  user  information  from  the  Windows
       SoulSeek configuration.


       A typical invocation would be :

       nicotine-import-winconfig "/mnt/win9x/Program Files/SoulSeek"

       The  program  should  be  run  when  nicotine  is not running. It will add the information
       (download queue, userlist, password info, etc.) to the existing configuration or  write  a
       new configuration from scratch when no configuration exists.


              The per-user configuration file for nicotine(1) will be overwritten.

       You  might  want  to  back  up the file first, but it should not be necessary. A different
       config file can be chosen using the --config flag.

              In case there's an image included in the Windows SoulSeek userinfo, the image  will
              be  extracted  and  written  to  that  file,  where  configfile is the path to your
              nicotine configuration file, and ext is the  appropriate  file  extension  for  the
              image type.


       When  you  don't  want  to import all configuration options, you can choose what to import
       using command line flags.

       -c file | --config=file
              Use a non-default nicotine configuration file to write to.

       -q | --queue
              Import the queue.

       -u | --userlist
              Import the userlist.

       -l | --login
              Import the login information.

       -C | --chatrooms
              Import the list of autojoined chatrooms.

       -b | --banned
              Import the list of banned users.

       -i | --userinfo
              Import the user information and the image.

       -h | --help
              Print the summary of command line options and exit.


       It is possible to share the download  directory  between  platforms.   Nicotine  can  even
       continue downloads that started using the Windows client.

       Of  course,  the download directories should be the same for nicotine and Windows, e.g. if
       your Windows sharing directory is F:\slsk_in and your F drive is  mounted  on  /mnt/media,
       then you must set your download directory to /mnt/media/slsk_in.




       Geert Kloosterman <>, 2003.

                                         August 25, 2003                              NICOTINE(1)