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       nmixer - An interactive text-based sound-mixer control program


       nmixer [-q] [[-s mixdev=setting] ...]
              nasmixer [-q] [[-s mixdev=setting] ...]


       NMixer  is  an  interactive text-based sound-mixer control program that you can use to set
       the volume of each supported mixer device of your soundcard.  It automagically detects all
       devices that are supported by your sound hardware, and shows a list of scrollbars for each
       of these devices.

       You can use the up and down arrow keys (or k and j resp.) to scroll  though  the  list  of
       scrollbars (some do not fit on the screen, but you can reach them by simply scrolling down
       at the bottom of the screen). The left and right arrow keys (or h and l resp.) change  the
       volume  for  the  currently  highlighted  device,  and  (if  you're  lucky),  you  can use
       home/end/PgUp/PgDn on the numerical keyboard to set left and right  volume  independently.
       You can also use 0..5 to set the volume to the position indicated by the numbers on top of
       the screen.

       If a device can be recorded from, red brackets will be displayed under the device's  name.
       If  it's  selected  as  recording  source,  a  red 'X' is displayed as well. You can set a
       recording device with the space bar.

       If nmixer is compiled  with  NAS  (Network  Audio  System)  support  and  it's  called  as
       'nasmixer', it will show the settings for the NAS mixer device.


       -d device
              Setst  the  mixer  device  to  use  (default = /dev/mixer) -s mixdev=setting Sets a
              specific mixer device to the volume specified by setting.  Example: bass=100

       -q     Immediately quit (after the command-line specified settings are  set!).  This  only
              makes  sense  if  you  use  command-line  options  to  set volumes. (currently, the
              interface is drawn while setting the mixer, and removed afterwards, which might  be
              annoying, but it's in the way of being changed :)


       If you find bugs, please report them on the sourceforge project site.


       nmixer   was   written,  directed  and  performed  by  Bram  Avontuur  <>

       Please send comments, suggestions, complaints, bug fixes, coffee and  porting  experiences
       to me, including the version number of nmixer in your mail.