Provided by: nn_6.7.3-10build3_amd64 bug


       nnpost - post news articles (nn)


       nnpost [ -dksy string ] [ -f file ] [ -p ] [ group... ]


       nnpost  is  used to post new articles using nn's normal interface, but without entering nn
       in reading mode.

       When started, it reads the init file and then directly executes nn's :post command.

       It will prompt for a (comma-separated) list of news groups, the article subject, a list of
       keywords,  a summary, and the distribution of the article.  Each of these prompts can also
       be supplied via command line options or arguments as described below.

       When prompted for the "Newsgroup:", entering a ? as the first key  will  cause  nnpost  to
       list  all the known news groups and their purpose (if this information is available).  You
       can also enter / followed by a word or regular  expression  which  will  cause  nnpost  to
       produce  a  (much)  shorter  listing  only containing the groups whose name and/or purpose
       description matches the regular expression.  When paging  through  either  list,  you  can
       enter q to quit the listing.

       If a source file is specified with -f it will be used as the initial article body.  If the
       -p option is also specified, the article is posted directly without editing.

       nnpost can be used to do unattended postings if sufficient arguments are provided  on  the
       command line to build the header and the body of the article.  The required arguments are:
       one or more newsgroups, a subject (-s), a source file (-f), a distribution (-d),  and  the
       -p  option.   Other fields which are not specified (e.g. keywords) will not be included in
       the header.  The contents of the news-header variable in the init file will be included in
       the header.


       -d distribution
              Use the specified distribution for the article.

       -k "keywords"
              Associate the specified keywords with the article.

       -s "subject"
              Use the specified subject for the new article.

       -y "summary"
              Include the given summary in the article header.

       -f file
              Read the article body from the specified file.

       -p     Post the article specified with -f without editing.


       ~/.nn/init   The control variables for nnpost.




       Kim F. Storm, Texas Instruments A/S, Denmark