Provided by: nn_6.7.3-10build3_amd64 bug


       nnstats - display nnmaster collection and expire statistics


       nnstats [ -lt ] [ -d month day ] [ -m month ] [ logfile ]...


       nnstats  will  extract the collection (C) and expiration (X) entries from the log file and
       calculate total and average number of articles, groups  and  elapsed  time  per  day,  per
       month, or for the duration of the whole log file.

       Normally  only  a  summary  for  the specified period is printed.  If -l is specified, the
       statistics for each day in the period is also printed, and if -t is specified the  summary
       is not printed.

       Normally  the  statistics  is  collected for all days in the log files (or the current log
       file if one is not specified).

       If "-m month" is specified, the statistics for that month is  calculated.   The  month  is
       specified  in normal date notation, i.e. a capitalized three letter abbreviation like Jan,
       Feb, ...

       If "-d month day" is specified, the statistics  for  that  date  only  is  calculated  and


       ../Log   The log file


       nn(1), nnusage(1M), nnadmin(1M), nnmaster(8)


       If nnmaster is run with options -LCX, nnstats will not work, because the necessary entries
       are not written to the log file.


       Mark Moraes <>
       Kim F. Storm <>