Provided by: inn2_2.6.3-1_amd64 bug


       nntpget - get Usenet articles from a remote NNTP server


       nntpget  [  -d dist ] [ -f file ] [ -n newsgroups ] [ -t timestring ] [ -o ] [ -u file ] [
       -v ] host


       Nntpget connects to the NNTP server at the specified host and retrieves articles from  it.
       The  Message-ID's  of  the desired articles are read from standard input. The articles are
       sent to standard output.


       -o     The ``-o'' option may be used only if the command is executed on the host where the
              innd(8)  server  is  running.   If  this  option  is  used, nntpget connects to the
              specified remote host to retrieve articles.  Any article not present in  the  local
              history  database  is  then  fetched  from the remote site and offered to the local

       -v     If the ``-v'' option is used with the ``-o'' option then  the  Message-ID  of  each
              article will be sent to standard output as it is processed.

       -f     The  list  of  article  Message-ID's  is normally read from standard input.  If the
              ``-f'' option is used, then a ``newnews'' command is used to retrieve all  articles
              newer then the modification date of the specified file.

       -u     The  ``-u''  option  is  like ``-f'' except that if the transfer succeeds, the file
              will be updated with a statistics line, modifying its timestamp so that it  can  be
              used in later invocations.

       -t     If the ``-t'' option is used, then the specified timestring is used as the time and
              date parameter to the ``newnews'' command.

       -n     If either the ``-u'' or ``-f'' options are used, then the ``-n'' option may be used
              to specify a newsgroup list. The default is ``*''.

       -d     The  ``-d'' option may be used to specify a distribution list when using the ``-u''
              or ``-f'' options.  The default is no distribution list.


       Written by Rich $alz <> for InterNetNews.  This is revision 10283, dated