Provided by: node-pre-gyp_0.10.2-3_all bug


       node-pre-gyp - native addon binary install tool


       Usage: node-pre-gyp <command> [options]

       where <command> is one of:
         - clean - Removes the entire folder containing the compiled .node module
         - install - Attempts to install pre-built binary for module
         - reinstall - Runs "clean" and "install" at once
         - build - Attempts to compile the module by dispatching to node-gyp or nw-gyp
         - rebuild - Runs "clean" and "build" at once
         - package - Packs binary (and enclosing directory) into locally staged tarball
         - testpackage - Tests that the staged package is valid
         - publish - Publishes pre-built binary (requires aws-sdk)
         - unpublish - Unpublishes pre-built binary (requires aws-sdk)
         - info - Lists all published binaries (requires aws-sdk)
         - testbinary - Tests that the binary.node can be required
         - reveal - Reveals data on the versioned binary
         - configure - Attempts to configure node-gyp or nw-gyp build

                                            April 2016                            NODE-PRE-GYP(1)