Provided by: notmuch_0.28.3-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       notmuch-compact - compact the notmuch database


       notmuch compact [--quiet] [--backup=<directory>]


       The compact command can be used to compact the notmuch database.  This can both reduce the
       space required by the database and improve lookup performance.

       The compacted database is built in a temporary directory and is later moved into the place
       of  the  origin  database.  The  original  uncompacted  database  is discarded, unless the
       --backup=<directory> option is used.

       Note that the database write lock will be held during the compaction process (which may be
       quite long) to protect data integrity.

       Supported options for compact include

              Save  the  current  database  to  the  given directory before replacing it with the
              compacted database. The backup directory must not exist and it must reside  on  the
              same mounted filesystem as the current database.

              Do not report database compaction progress to stdout.


       The following environment variables can be used to control the behavior of notmuch.

              Specifies  the  location  of  the  notmuch  configuration  file.  Notmuch  will use
              ${HOME}/.notmuch-config if this variable is not set.


       notmuch(1),  notmuch-count(1),   notmuch-dump(1),   notmuch-hooks(5),   notmuch-insert(1),
       notmuch-new(1),       notmuch-reply(1),       notmuch-restore(1),       notmuch-search(1),
       notmuch-search-terms(7), notmuch-show(1), notmuch-tag(1)


       Carl Worth and many others


       2009-2019, Carl Worth and many others