Provided by: npm_5.8.0+ds6-4_all bug


       npm-init - Interactively create a package.json file


         npm init [-f|--force|-y|--yes]


       This will ask you a bunch of questions, and then write a package.json for you.

       It  attempts  to make reasonable guesses about what you want things to be set to, and then
       writes a package.json file with the options you've selected.

       If you already have a package.json file, it'll read that first, and default to the options
       in there.

       It  is  strictly  additive, so it does not delete options from your package.json without a
       really good reason to do so.

       If you invoke it with -f, --force, -y, or --yes, it will use only defaults and not  prompt
       you for any options.


       · Default: none

       · Type: String

       The scope under which the new module should be created.



       · npm help 5 package.json

       · npm help version

       · npm help 7 scope

                                          February 2019                               NPM-INIT(1)