Provided by: npm_5.8.0+ds6-4_all bug


       npm-shrinkwrap - Lock down dependency versions for publication


         npm shrinkwrap


       This command repurposes package-lock.json into a publishable npm-shrinkwrap.json or simply
       creates a new one. The file created and updated by this command will then take  precedence
       over  any  other existing or future package-lock.json files. For a detailed explanation of
       the design and purpose of package locks in npm, see npm help 5 package-locks.


       · npm help install

       · npm help run-script

       · npm help 7 scripts

       · npm help 5 package.json

       · npm help 5 package-locks

       · npm help 5 package-lock.json

       · npm help 5 shrinkwrap.json

       · npm help ls

                                          February 2019                         NPM-SHRINKWRAP(1)