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       npm-team - Manage organization teams and team memberships


         npm team create <scope:team>
         npm team destroy <scope:team>

         npm team add <scope:team> <user>
         npm team rm <scope:team> <user>

         npm team ls <scope>|<scope:team>

         npm team edit <scope:team>


       Used  to  manage  teams  in  organizations,  and  change team memberships. Does not handle
       permissions for packages.

       Teams must always be fully qualified with  the  organization/scope  they  belong  to  when
       operating  on  them, separated by a colon (:). That is, if you have a developers team on a
       foo organization, you must always refer to that team as foo:developers in these commands.

       · create / destroy: Create a new team, or destroy an existing one.

       · add / rm: Add a user to an existing team, or remove a user from a team they belong to.

       · ls: If performed on an organization name, will return a list  of  existing  teams  under
         that  organization.  If  performed on a team, it will instead return a list of all users
         belonging to that particular team.

       · edit: Edit a current team.


       npm team always operates directly on the current registry, configurable from  the  command
       line using --registry=<registry url>.

       In  order  to  create teams and manage team membership, you must be a team admin under the
       given organization. Listing teams and team memberships may be done by any  member  of  the

       Organization  creation  and  management  of  team  admins and organization members is done
       through the website, not the npm CLI.

       To use teams to manage permissions on packages belonging to your organization, use the npm
       access command to grant or revoke the appropriate permissions.


       · npm help access

       · npm help 7 registry

                                          February 2019                               NPM-TEAM(1)