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       npm-unpublish - Remove a package from the registry


         npm unpublish [<@scope>/]<pkg>[@<version>]


       It  is  generally  considered bad behavior to remove versions of a library that others are
       depending on!

       Consider using the deprecate command instead, if your intent  is  to  encourage  users  to

       There is plenty of room on the registry.


       This  removes  a  package  version  from the registry, deleting its entry and removing the

       If no version is specified, or if all versions are removed then the root package entry  is
       removed from the registry entirely.

       Even  if  a package version is unpublished, that specific name and version combination can
       never be reused.  In order to publish the package again, a  new  version  number  must  be

       With  the  default  registry (, unpublish is only allowed with versions
       published in the last 24 hours. If you are trying to unpublish a version published  longer
       ago than that, contact

       The scope is optional and follows the usual rules for npm help 7 npm-scope.


       · npm help deprecate

       · npm help publish

       · npm help 7 registry

       · npm help adduser

       · npm help owner

                                          February 2019                          NPM-UNPUBLISH(1)