Provided by: nrpe-ng_0.2.0-1_all bug


       nrpe-ng - the next generation Nagios Remote Plugin Executor


       nrpe-ng -c CONFIG_FILE [options]


       nrpe-ng  is a rewrite of NRPE, the Nagios Remote Plugin Executor. It is a combination of a
       daemon, nrpe-ng, and a client program, check_nrpe_ng, which work in concert to run  Nagios
       check  scripts on remote hosts. This man page is for the daemon component that runs on the
       hosts on which you wish to run the check programs.


       This program supports the following options:

       -h     Show a summary of the available command-line options.

       -v     Display the program's version number and exit.

              Enable debugging mode, which produces much more verbose logging  but  prevents  the
              program from logging to syslog.

       --c CONFIG_FILE, --config CONFIG_FILE
              Specify  the  configuraiton  file  to  use  when running the daemon. This option is

       -d, --daemon
              Fork the program and continue running in the background as a daemon. This  mode  is
              the default, so neither of these options need to be given to gain this behaviour.

       -f     Do  not  fork  into the background and remain in the foreground. This option is the
              opposite of -d or --daemon, and may be useful for debugging.