Provided by: nexus-tools_4.3.2-svn1921-6_amd64 bug


       nxdiff - Generate summary of a NeXus file


       nxsummary [--xml] [--value label] [--writeconfig config]
                       [--config config] [--verbose] [--] [--version] [-h]


       The  nxsummary  utility  prints summary information about NeXus files. This program relies
       heavily on  the  configuration  file  that  is  located  in  "${HOME}/.nxsummary.conf"  or
       "/etc/nxsummary.conf".   A   sample   configuration   file   can  be  obtained  using  the
       "--writeconfig" flag. Each item tag in the file describes a node to print from  the  NeXus
       file.  The  path  attribute describes where in the NeXus file to get information from. The
       label attributes is what will be printed when showing the value of  the  specified  field.
       The  optional  operation  attribute provides for certain operations to be performed on the
       data before printing out the result. Valid operations are:

          COUNT - The number of elements in the requested field.

          DIMS - The dimensions of the requested field.

          SUM - Add together all of the array elements and print the

          UNITS:newunits - Specify the units to print the result in.


       The following options are supported

              Displays version information and exits.

              Displays usage information and exits.

       --xml  Print results as xml

       --value label
              Get value of the item pointed to by the label

       --writeconfig config
              Write the default configuration out to a file

       --config config
              Specify configuration file

              Turn on verbose printing

              Ignores the rest of the labeled arguments following this flag.


       nxconvert(1), nxdir(1), nxtranslate(1),


       nxsummary was originally written by Peter Peterson <> and may  be  used
       by others.

                                           October 2011                              NXSUMMARY(1)