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       nxtranslate - convert anything into a NeXus file


       nxtranslate [options] [--hd4|--hdf5|--xml] [infile] [-o|--append outfile]


       nxtranslate  is  an anything to NeXus converter. This is accomplished by using translation
       files and a plugin style of architecture where nxtranslate can read from  new  formats  as
       plugins  become available. This document describes the usage of nxtranslate by three types
       of individuals: the person using existing translation files to  create  NeXus  files,  the
       person  creating  translation  files,  and the person writing new Retrievers. All of these
       concepts are discussed in detail.


       The following options are supported

       --help Print out the help message and exit

              Print out the version and exit

       -o outfile
              Specify output file. The default is the translation file with ".nxs" appended.

       --append outfile
              Specify appending to the output file.

       --hdf4 Write file using the hdf4 base.

       --hdf5 Write file using the hdf5 base.

       --xml  Write file using the xml base.

       -D macro
              Specify a macro. The macro should be in the form of "FILE=old_nexus.nxs".  The  "="
              is required.


       nxconvert(1), nxdir(1),


       nxtranslate was originally written by Peter Peterson <> and may be used
       by others.

                                           October 2011                            NXTRANSLATE(1)