Provided by: nsf-shells_2.2.0-1_all bug


       nxwish - Simple windowing shell containing NSF/NX interpreter


       nxwish ?fileName?



       nxwish ?fileName?
              nxwish  is  a  shell-like application including Tcl and the NX extension as well as
              the Tk toolkit. nxwish creates a main window and, then,  reads  commands  from  its
              standard  input  or from fileName and evaluates them.  If invoked without fileName,
              then it runs in REPL mode,  reading  commands  from  standard  input.  nxwish  will
              continue  processing  commands until all windows have been deleted or until end-of-
              file is reached on standard input.

              nxwish can be used like wish to make NX scripts directly invokable from the  shell,
              by providing the following first line ("shebang") in the respective script:

                #! /usr/bin/env nxwish

              A (more portable) alternative is:

                #! /bin/sh
                # the next line restarts using nxwish \
                    exec nxwish "$0" "$@"


       Copyright (c) 2014-16 Stefan Sobernig <>, Gustaf Neumann <>; available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Austria license (CC BY 3.0 AT).